Artist Interviews

Benny Brown – Artist Interview

Benny Brown Benny Brown lives in Ipswich. Skateboarding and drawing are the two main passions in his life. Drawing was his main focus from starting college. Selling on Depop allowed him to keep doing it after he finished Uni - the app where he is now most known.-...

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Michael Hsiung – Artist Interview

Michael C. HsiungBorn in China Town, Los Angeles. Michael works with a large number of collaborations including brands such as Vans, enjoi skateboards and Dr. Martens. His work is inspired by mythological creatures, mainly creating bearded men, mermen and...

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Ivo Matic – Artist Interview

Ivo Matic is a designer and illustrator based in Toroto. From Croatia. He has received multiple awards and has been part of many exhibitions for Croatian Design. He is now creating a name for himself in Toronto where there is a stronger appreciation for art.
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