Seasonal Boxes

AW/19 Box Design by Samuel B. Thorne

An exclusive interview with London based designer and illustrator, Samuel B. Thorne. He gives us an insight into his preparatory work; the doodles, the thinking, the experimentation and the development of ideas. The interview is well worth a read in its entirety. It is a healthy mixture of in-depth answers that are informative, instructive and inspiring.
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Summer 19 Box – Freak City

A few words with French illustrator, Freak City about our Summer’s screen printed box design collaboration. Fascinated by urban life, his work highlights the unexpected beauty in battered store fronts, natural overgrowth and half deserted streets.
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Hélène Jeudy Winter 2019 Box Design

We caught up with Hélène Jeudy in our latest artist interview to discuss her winter box design. Her work explores the realms of dream, memory and imagination where you are forced to see beyond the horizon line and into an endless window/void that make you believe that such universes could exist.
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