Illustrator Felix Griffiths at Art Stall

Felix Griffiths

Felix Griffiths is a self-taught artist from Cornwall. He enjoys creating bizarre pieces filled with bright and bold colours.

– Firstly, how is life post – mullet?

I really really really miss it.

I see that you go through phases of including very specific subjects in your work i.e. skulls / fire / luchadores. What are you currently into drawing and was there a specific moment of inspiration?

I’ve definitely been inspired by a lot of tattoo designs and recently bought Duncan X‘s ‘Book Of Skulls’ which has some awesome references in it. A few times I have tried to make a conscious effort to not draw skulls. But I always come back to doing it. Does that answer the question? I’m not too sure.

Swords in Skull Illustration by Artist Felix Griffiths

– I see you have a website in the works. What can we expect to find there?

It’s been on the back burner for a bit too long now, but I’m hoping to get it up in time for Christmas. I’ve got prints, t-shirts, stickers and cards which will be for sale on the website. And an online gallery of some pieces I’ve done, both for commissions and for personal pieces.

Snake Skull Illustration by artist illustrator Felix Griffiths

– I know you primarily create your pieces digitally; tell us more about what drew you to this medium. 

I enjoyed playing about with digital art at first just because of the number of tools it gave me. And then seeing some of the drawings my favourite artists were making using their iPads made me want to have a go at figuring out how they went about it. Right now, I’m hooked by how convenient it is. I can take my iPad out when I’ve got a five-minute wait for something in town and doodle or make progress on something I’m working on.

– If you were a colour, which one would you be and why?

A nice pastel red. Just because it fits in pretty well most the time – or at least I think it does anyway!

Lightning horse illustrated t shirts and tote bags by illustrator Felix Griffiths

– There seems to be some 1990’s era influence in your work – is this intentional or is it just my 90’s baby bias coming through?

There’s nothing intentional in there to my knowledge (sorry!). But I remember being really keen on some comic art when I was growing up. I didn’t own any comic collections or anything like that, but the bold colours and inking were something that I really enjoyed looking at. So maybe I have tried carrying some of the bold colours across to my own drawing. I certainly opt for colour over none most of the time.

– Did you catch COVID on purpose to get time off work to do art?

Yes and I’ll do it again.

– What do you hope this year will bring creatively?

I’m practicing tattooing at the moment and am really excited to see how things progress over the next year and beyond. I’ve also got a lot of blank canvases at home, so doing more of that and stepping away from digital art is also an exciting prospect. I just need to find those brushes I bought…

Printed boxes for Blackwater Studios illustrated by Felix Griffiths

Illustrated boxes created for Blackwater Studios

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