Spring / Summer 17 Box Design | Jürg Lindenberger

Jürg Lindenberger ss17 box design
Jürg Lindenberger portrait photographed by Jake Green
Jürg Lindenberger ss17 box design

50 Screenprinted T-Shirt Deal – Sent in his screenprinted illustrated box.



– What was your inspiration for the box you designed for us?
I used mainly sketches I did for older projects and then added a few new elements to give it some coherence. So there was not too much thinking involved in the design process which sometimes is really nice 🙂

– Which is your favourite character?
I like the dog on skateboard a lot. Also the little sad box guy is quite cool I think. I love the dude with the tennis racquet as this was just a very loose doodle I scanned and reworked. Generally I love to work with really loose doodles, stuff that just happens without trying to achieve something.

Jürg Lindenberger ss17 box design
Jürg Lindenberger ss17 box design
Jürg Lindenberger ss17 box design
– What is the art scene like in Basel, Switzerland? I have some friends from skateboarding who also do illustration and a bit art. So that’s mostly the people I talk about design and art or I do collaborations and exhibitions with in Basel. There are a few artist in Basel who’s work I really like, like Eddie Hara who always wears cool band t-shirt and Remo Keller who’s in a band called Denner Clan. The both do really cool stuff. – Do you have any crazy stories about your kids? I think my kids are both crazy since birth and I didn’t had too much peace and quiet in the last few years. They are just two crazy beans, dancing to supermarket music or getting naked if they spot a little bit of water for example. What I really love is going out in the park or the forest near where we live with them and explore our little world. For my older daughter I attached her a little handlebar to a Stereo vinyl cruiser skateboard and sometimes we do some downhills together and skate a little bowl in the Kannenfeld park nearby. That’s so much fun! Nevertheless I have to make sure she doesn’t go to fast or down steep hills. She’s only four years old and somehow doesn’t give it a second thought of what could happen if you go too fast 🙂

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