Our t shirt printing deals are convenient packages that simplify the ordering process for you, but at a great price. Everything is already factored in for you. Cost of Garments, Screen, Print Rate, Delivery and VAT are all included.

Our deals are flexible – for example if you require extra print colours or positions, these have their own prices and can be added to your total. Prefer to get a customised quote? No problem, use our form to get in touch.

Which Waterbased Ink is Right for Me?

screen printing conveyor dryer and Illustrated Box

Waterbased Ink

This is our first choice when screen printing 100% cotton T-shirts. Very soft hand and most environmentally friendly. The best choice for full colour photographic prints. The resulting screen prints have excellent wash fastness.

Screen Printing Machine - Water based inks

Discharge Ink

With discharge printing, the original dye of the shirt is bleached out. This leaves you with the softest print (after wash). Discharge process is used on black and dark coloured garments, in combination with waterbased inks.

blackwater studios

Opaque Ink

Where very bright print colours or garments that cannot be discharged are required, opaque inks are our water based printing alternative for coloured t shirts. True whites and vivid flourescent colours across all colour ways, but not quite as soft as discharge.

If you’d like to see and feel a physical example, you can buy a sample from our Store, which will be posted Next Day.

Visit our Sample T Shirt Store

Do I Need an Underbase?

In order to keep your print colours looking bright on dark shirts, we will use an underbase screen with your design. An underbase is generally white which is printed first as a base, then the other colours are printed on top. When we underbase waterbased inks, this underbase will be a discharge print.

Underbases aren’t always required, but will be factored into the cost as an additional print colour where needed. Only one underbase is required per design, regardless of the number of colours in that design.

White Screen Print Underbased on One Side, Illustration by Ivo Matic.

Add Ons

Add Print Colours

We can add additional print colours to your deal. The prices for additional colours includes all the related costs – both screens and printing. If your design requires an underbase, this will be included as an additional print colour.

DealPrice per Colour
50 T Shirt Deal£60 each
100 T Shirt Deal£72 each
Prices Includes VAT

Add Print Positions

If you require extra print positions, these can be added to your deal and includes the first printed colour. The options you have for print positions are: Chest, Back, Inside Neck, Left Sleeve or Right Sleeve. Find out more about printable areas.

DealPrice per Position
50 T Shirt Deal£114 each
100 T Shirt Deal£165 each
Inside Neck Printing (50/100)£90 / £120
Inside Neck Printing + Label Removal (50/100)£115.20 / £170.40
Prices Includes VAT

Garment Upgrade

The t-shirts options included with the base deal prices are the more fitted GD01 Gildan Softstyle, or the heavier weight GD05 Gildan Heavy. If you’re looking for premium garment quality, these can both be upgraded for a small extra cost.

Garment Upgrade50 T Shirts100 T Shirts
GD01 Softstyle to GD15 Premium£30£60
GD05 Heavy to GD02 Ultra£30£60
Prices Includes VAT


We can individually fold and poly bag your t shirts to give them a clean, protected and professional looking for your customers. Bags are sealed with an adhesive strip. Size stickers are also available, to help organise them in bulk.

Finishing Add Ons50 T Shirts100 T Shirts
Individual Bagging£21£42
Individual Poly Bagging + Size Stickers£24£48
Prices Includes VAT