Summer 22 Box: Felix Griffiths

Custom shipping box close up designed by Felix Griffiths for Blackwater Studios
Illustrator Felix Griffiths at Art Stall

Artist: Felix Griffiths
Contact Links: Instagram / Web Store Coming Soon

For our late-2022 revamp of our boxes we handed the reins to one of our resident artists, Felix Griffiths.

To come up with the design, we gave Felix the prompt word of โ€˜Wrestlersโ€™. Playing specifically with the idea of wrestling masks, he created a variety of bizarre illustrations, one for each panel of the box. We werenโ€™t surprised to see some of his usual go-tos in there (skulls, fire and a couple of fat pigeons).

Each panel has a definite comic-book style, playful in some parts and morbid/concerning in others. Using just the black and white colour scheme as per the briefing, he used some thin lines as halftones to give the illusion of dark grey into the design.

Custom shipping boxes designed by Felix Griffiths for Blackwater Studios

Atop the box are a championship belt of sorts and two masks that are โ€˜unmaskedโ€™ upon lifting the top flaps, revealing some eye-catching surprises underneath (interactive cardboard box functionality!).

Thereโ€™s also a design on the bottom of the box – Felix got another skull in there along with a masked snake. Had Felix had his way, he would have illustrated the inside of the box too – but we managed to restrain him.

A very fun and freaky addition to our growing history of box designs!

Custom shipping boxes designed by Felix Griffiths for Blackwater Studios
Printed box flaps for custom box design
Flat Custom Designed Box by Illustrator Felix Griffiths

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