Screen printing offers both quality, and versatility when decorating t-shirts. Blackwater Studios has many years experience with many types of textile inks, and foils.

Our minimum order for screen printed T-shirts is 25. Our T shirt printing deals are designed to offer the best value screen printed Tshirt in a simplified online ordering format.

Engin Oztekin Illustration - Screen Printing Services

Perks of Screen Printing


Choosing Inks and Screenprint Styles

Waterbased Screen Printing Inks - Stacked T Shirts

Waterbased Ink

This our first choice when screen printing 100% cotton T-shirts. A very soft hand, and the most environmentally friendly option. These inks are the best choice for full color photographic screenprints. The resulting screen prints have excellent wash fastness.

Unlike Plastisol inks – which sit on top of the shirt – waterbased inks dye the actual shirt fibers, leaving you with a soft print. When printing light inks on dark garments, waterbased inks need to be combined with discharge printing.

Discharge Printing

This is a type of screen printing we specialise in. With discharge printing, the original dye of the shirt is bleached out. This leaves you with the softest print (after wash). Discharge process is used on black and dark coloured garments, in combination with waterbased inks.

Unfortunately there are a few garment colours that this process this won’t work on. Below are some common colours that cannot be fully discharged:

  • Kelly Green
  • Sapphire
  • Royal Blue
  • Purple

If you require non-dischargeable colours, they will be printed in Plastisol (instead of waterbased) inks. You can find out more about plastisol below.

Note: Discharge works best on 100% cotton garments. For other fabric compositions, it’s a good idea to get in touch with complete details of your requirements so that we can offer guidance.

Discharge Screen Printing - White Ink on Different Garment Colours

Very few printers in the UK will match our vibrant wash fast screen prints. Many will claim bright multicolour discharge prints are not possible.

Other Ink / Finish Types

If you’d like to see and feel a physical example, you can buy a sample from our Store, which will be posted Next Day.

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What is Underbasing?

In order to keep your printed colours looking bright on dark shirts, we will use an underbase screen with your design. An underbase is generally white which is screenprinted first as a base, then the other colours are printed on top. When we underbase waterbased inks, this underbase will be a discharge print.

Underbases aren’t always required, but will be factored into the cost as an additional print colour where needed. Only one underbase is required per design, regardless of the number of colours in that design.

White Screen Print Underbased on One Side, Illustration by Ivo Matic.

All Over T Shirt Printing

Large format screen printing is how we produce our all over T-shirt prints, this process requires very careful planning when creating designs. Sublimation is more widely used for this type of printing as it has virtually no restrictions in terms of design colours, and placement.

However, one major drawback of sublimation printing is the need for polyester content in the T-shirt. Screenprinting the T-shirts allows for 100% cotton materials to be used, but requires the designer to consider what elements add to set up costs before producing a design.