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Cat Sims

Cat Sims is an artist based in London. Her work covers a broad range of mediums, from graphic design to comics and printmaking. She has worked as a freelance illustrator for over ten yearsβ€š her recent clients include: V&Aβ€š Barbican, Sisters Uncut and STRIKE! Magazine.

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– Your Risograph prints are illustrations from Barbican Conservatory, Berlin Cactus House and public spaces around London, what drew you into these places?

They are a celebration of public architecture, which essentially exists to make people feel good.

–Β  What is your favourite plant to draw?

There are so many alien textures and forms to plants that you can find something new every time you look. Selecting a favourite is pretty impossible.

– Your designs are incredibly detailed, how long did it take to finish your zine S P A C E?

S P A C E took just over a year to put together. It’s a project that I’m still working on and hope to follow up on later this year with a new publication.

SPACE Book Illustration by Cat Sims
SPACE Book Illustration by Cat Sims
Women in Prison Illustration by Cat Sims

– What do you see for the future of London?

It’s certainly changing quite rapidly. I’ve lived here for 15 years now and am finding myself having to move further out due to the rising cost of living. It’s a shame, but I guess creative people are just starting to develop creative communities elsewhere.

– What attracts you to Bauhaus?

The beautiful simplicity of the work that was way ahead of its time for one thing, but also the approach to making work. I like the idea of trying your hand at different mediums and questioning the function of the work itself. I’m not a fan of making things that are just for decoration, though I am definitely guilty of that .

– If you were to write a manifesto, what would it be about?

Wow. That would take some thought….

– Who are your favourite comic artists?

There are so many and always new ones to discover. I have a whole bookcase full of comics. From an aesthetic point of view, I tend to be drawn to work that uses minimal colour and love black and white work. A comic book store near where I used to live had a closing down sale a few years ago and I found some brilliant self-published comics from the late ’80s / early ’90s. They’re amazing. One is the most bonkers interpretation of a H.P Lovecraft story. It’s my most treasured stash.

– What Markets do you sell your prints at? Which ones would you suggest other artists to go to?

I’ve only sold work at a handful of fairs and recommend sticking to the smaller ones, but they’re a great way to meet people in the industry, so long as the vibe is right.

Black Matter illustration by Cat Sims

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