Having your artwork correctly prepared can greatly speed up your turnaround and improve the final results of your decorated garments. Below are guidelines for preparing your artwork

Preparing Artwork for Screen Printing

Go to our Screen Printing File Preparation page.

Preparing Artwork for Embroidery

Supplying Art

Please supply a clean image file (most types are fine – jpeg, png, gif, etc) of your artwork. The resolution doesn’t need to be that high (600px+ ideally, higher is better), as long as the elements / colours are clear and not distorted by excessive compression. We also need to know what size (width in cm) you require.

It is important that you understand how the content, size and colours of your embroidery artwork may affect the price/thread count. You can find out more about this on our embroidery page.

Maximum Embroidery Size

Breast Pocket: 12cm2
Back: 27cm2
Bags/Backpacks*: 8cm
Caps/Beanies: 5.5cm (Max Height)

*BG125, BG855, BG613

More Information Coming Soon

Preparing Art for Woven Labels

Getting Your Woven Labels Manufactured

We can manufacture your custom woven labels for you. Below you will find downloadable templates, information on what art is appropriate and where to place it on the label. It’s a good idea to get label artwork to us and processed as early as possible, to ensure it doesn’t hold up your main order.

For information on how your artwork may affect the pricing and turnaround of your order, visit our relabeling & finishing page.

Already have your own labels?

If you are providing your own woven labels, it’s important we receive them in good time to avoid any delays on completing your order. We recommend sending them as soon as you pay and approve for your order, to the address below:

Blackwater Studios
East Hill
Truro, Cornwall

Minimum Margins / Small Details

When designing for labels, it’s important to keep your art safe from any edges and folds, and that small details (such as text) are not lost due to their size. To help avoid most complications, we recommend sticking to the below:

Safe Margin

You should keep all artwork at least 2mm away from all edges or any folds on the label.


Minimum Font Size

Any type should be no smaller than 9pt font size. This may even be larger for finer fonts.

Line Thickness

Lines within your art should be no thinner than 1pt. Should also be considered for negative space.


Rasterize All Type

Ensure all type has been Rasterized. See screen printing preparation for more info.

If we are unsure about an element within your design once you’ve supplied it, we will advise you before proceeding with the order. Feel free to contact us if you need some guidance.

Incorporating Garment Information

If you’re adding your own woven labels, you may want to remove the existing garment labels. If this is the case, you will want to consider what garment information should be incorporated into your woven label design (for example, the UK has a law requiring that the fibre composition is stated somewhere on your product). There are also sizing and wash instructions to consider.

For more on legal requirements and alternate options for relocating garment information, please read the Relocation of Garment Information section on our Relabeling & Finishing page.

We also advise keeping the garment size indication near the top to increase visibility.